The New MyTube60

MyTube60 2.0 - We wanted to make MyTube60 a better power hour experience.   So we decided to scrap the old version and start over.  Don't worry, all your old power hours are still there.  So what's new?

Cooler/Awesome Design

We decided to freshen up MyTube60.  Your power hours are cool and awesome; they should be on a cool and awesome site.

Power Hour Creator - Our old power power hour creator was OK, but we wanted to make something that felt like a great video creator.  The new maker features a timeline, a quicker YouTube search, and a one-click instant preview.  Basically, you can make your power hours in just a fraction of time now.

Upcoming Features
  1. Categories, many of you have requested that we categorize power hours.  70s, 80s, 90s, rap, county, pop, we will have it all!
  2.  Phone apps -  watch power hours on your phone and instantly play songs from power hours on Spotify.

Posted 7 years ago